Painful destocking in sight for European corporates

With all of the uncertainties around Europe many companies have been stockpiling 20-30% above their normal inventory levels. This leaves questions about the effects of the extra capital being invested in stock and how it will effect 2019-2020. Euler Hermes writes about this below

Painful destocking in sight for European corporates


The current economy is being hurtled through many ups and downs with trade wars, uncertainty and political tensions effecting them all. Euler Hermes are saying Insolvency claims are on the up and world growth seems to be slowing. 

In the footsteps of Sisyphus – The global economy in 2019-2020


Millennials are quickly making up the largest percentage of the workforce, but according to this article from Euler Hermes 40-49 year olds are still found to be the most productive workers in the workforce. 

Aging – A Fountain of youth for productivity growth