Debt Collection

Debt Collection Services

You can choose an insurer which integrates the cost of a debt collection service into the price of your policy.

Credit Insurance Policies


When all else fails, the credit insurance policy protects you from incurring a bad debt by insuring you for the insolvency or default of your buyer.

Take Precaution

By using a credit insurance policy within your Credit Management Procedures you are taking every precaution to avoid having a bad debt. However, despite these measures, there will often be unforseeable bad debts that occur can cause a ‘domino-effect’ in bringing down other companies.

Don’t Become a Victim

By having a credit insurance policy you are insuring against being a victim of other company’s misfortune, and protect your company’s assets against loss by non-payment.

Grow Your Business

Updates and Changes

Once you establish a credit limit on a buyer, the insurer will monitor your risk and provide you with updates of any changes, good or bad to the risk profile of your customer. This will enable you to increase business with existing customers, and to trade with confidence with new customers.

Get an Opinion

Many companies can become inhibited from trading in export markets about which they have no experience. A credit insurer will provide information on the country with which you are planning to trade and will give an opinion on your prospective new customer/s within that market.

Using a Policy to Grow Your Business


Having a credit insurance policy can be particularly useful in giving you the green light to grow your trade with existing customers, and to commence dealing with new customers with which you had no experience, even in worldwide markets.

Bad Debt Prevention

Bad Debt Prevention

Having a credit insurance policy can often help prevent bad debts occuring.

Financing The Deal

Financing the Deal


Having a credit insurance policy provides assurances for a bank or trade financier and will give leverage in negotiations for drawing down funds against your UK and / or export sales.

Added Protection

A trade financier can be added to your policy as a joint-insured for added protection, or simply as a loss payee, which would entitle them to any claims payments from your policy, should you desire.

Adding Reassurance

A comprehensive list of all your credit limit covers can be provided to your Financier at regular intervals to provide them with the reassurances they require.

Continuing to Benefit

In the event that your company went insolvent, the financier could continue to run your policy and benefit from any claims or collections due to you.

Asset Protection